I Will Show You What Great Things You Must Suffer

 -Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and seventy-two, 02/07, of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, www.2016theauthenticparable.blogspot.com

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Link, The Outbreak Of Mortuary, Soaring Death Tolls, Reaching The Stars Of Heaven

-Hark, A Voice, "yours is a nuclear fate," 12/27/2016, for when they shall say peace and safety and sudden destruction cometh upon them like travail upon woman with child and they shall not escape, (see Sept. 11th attacks, see Hurricane Katrina, etc.) 
     -Hark, A Voice, "I Will end All Schools, 12/27/2016,, (end all lives, lands and churches, end western civilization, a transgender trap for children) 
     -Hark, I hear a voice, "2004, God said, He, possibly His Wine Press, or your little horn, or both, "will kill millions," see the rider of death, pale horse, 1996, 2001-2017
Hark, there's a voice, 2005, "the Antichrist will kill millions, as millions, go broke," see having a bear in 120 countries, 2016
     -Hark a voice, 2016, "Kill All Parents, by, (we can only assume the target here is corrupt parents, influencing their evil ways upon their offspring threatening for generations to come, alike abominations, children obey your parents "IN THE LORD)."

     And I Heard In My Hearing, "go and get the twelve heirs, mark seventeen and seven, see Rev. 7, Apb

     Learn Of Endtimes Events A Darkness Is Come

   -Bible 101, he said, let's instead do bible prophecy 2004, that's the year the same Angel Gabriel. This blessed one who brought us the understanding of the rise of the little horn/Antichrist in the first. Come to think of it, whose two year anniversary, this reminder of Antichrist arrival. Where I further witnessed the Bride reign in heaven, even in possession of the specialty stone, that's to finish him, see Dan. 2.
    -It was 1998, Holy Spirit's visit made it clear, all in Christ, who sit in righteous, holy assembly need understand end times events. You can still hear the man in linden (incarnate Jesus),  instructing Gabriel to caused Daniel to understand the matter, a man of sin above all who'd been was coming.
     -That when he comes it would be the darkest days of mankind since the war in heaven and Satan and a third of the stars were cast down to earth. That at a warning of heavens host, how three times, great sorrows for earths inhabitants was to follow.  
     -Though for all scripture or bible prophecy to as Gabriel 2004 forewarn be fulfilled into the Seventh Angel. Well into here lately, Jesus Millennium seen following Obama's. First there's the marriage supper of the Lamb, having its celebrition only in heaven.
     -Whereas the Righteous Bride will spend the next seven years, the duration of Jaboc's troubles (Jer. 30:7, Mat. 24:21). To be exact with Him, as Jesus' bride/heir, here understand, all I share scriptually, I've been demonstrated upon as of each of these events.  Of all miraculous, this includes seeing the book of life open, Rev. 20:12,13.
     -Only along a blessed roll call of the inherent into New Jerusalem to come, whereas Holy Spirit's are anxious to make earth home. So that's at one glorios point, way or another, so prophetically we're talking, I Thess. 4, I Cor. 15, having its fulfillment, Rev. 19.
     -Then that to immediately follow, the complete removal, since the Roman Empire, of Western Civilization whorish influences, we're talking Ps. 37, Isa. 13, Eze. 4, 9, Dan. 2, having a partial fulfillment, Rev. 18. Now we're entering Daniel final week of years, see Daniel 9, Rev, 11, to explain the first 42 months of Israeli to Islamic, fake peace.
     -As so, there's Daniel 9, Rev. 13, Rev. 17, to explain the Antichrist overthrowing it into its own  42 months reign, even into Armageddon, see Isa. 13, Eze. 38, 39th chapters, see Dan. 7, 8th chapters, II Thess. 2, see Rev. 14:14-20, 17:13-18, 20:7-8, chapters. Then here, in the midst of Armageddon is come Jesus' return to do battle.
     Defeating this entire evil army, right into the Seventh Angel, as so the judgement of the nations, His millennium; see more here, Eze. 38, 39, Zech. 14, 15 chapters, Mat. 24, 25:31-46, Rev. 11, 19:11-23, 20:4-6. Only quoting a few Scriptures here, I've seen bible prophecy fulfilled into Jesus, as described, walking again among His People, and, we, the Bride, now gorgeously with Him, see Zech. 13:6.   
    -As I shared, when Gabriel 2004, explained the fulfillment of all things were upon us, he was as well restating Jesus, explaining to disciples how this, that's you and I, seeing all such nearing dangers are the generation that will not past away until all is fulfilled. 
     -No doubt explaining why it's remotely possible to have Jesus Millennium follow Obama's; only with this reminder, in the face of soaring death toll. Jesus, the TRUMP of God, arriving with amazing, medicating Wings; so not the Trump of man, Donald. Jesus is the 1000 year peacemaker in towns like it or not, all over this earth. 
     -Admittedly seeing this divine renasonce was only a preliminary view of what this world is to encounter. That's once the Antichrist is thrown down, as so all foolishly in bed with Him, God Kingdom Reign! Don't you remember? That used to be our child-like  bedroom prayer, now this so long a wait answer, hallelujah, heaven is now, come down to us, awake, Apb, The RAM, see all of these.



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