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Midnight Cry

     Let The Arguments Continue, I'm Going Home, COME With Me,

A Voice Declaring: "Its Under His Wings," 2015  

-Is this about being right or biblical? The scripture is plain when we are admonished by Jesus to pray the Father we be found worthy to escape, so are you telling me, God told Jesus No Way! That Jesus portrays Great Tribulation as a punishment toward those refusing to repent! The difference here is the same difference between Jesus accepting Satan's offer, we're damn, there is no rapture, the Cross never happen.     

-Then there’s the version, where although the flesh was weak, Jesus decided Yes God, thy will be done, and went on for us and suffered a Horrible Cross. Now, I don't know about you, but the Bride has a Marriage Supper to get too, placing us in heaven exactly seven years, doing Jacob's Troubles here.  The Righteous Dead rising, first then Us, the Ri…