The Bride Hath Reign

     Je sus (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may rest from labors and their works do follow them, ROJC, Apb, People Of The Cross

Repentant Prayer

      Forgive us O God, according to thy loving kindness, according to the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from sin, then shall I teach transgressors thy ways and then shall sinners be converted unto the... The Lineage Of Sin, Mankind, see Psalm 51     ...then shall My Eyes be open, and only then shall My Ears attend to a prayer done in this manner, Loving God Of Heaven...II Chor.. 7:14, 15

Prophecy Links
     See to be seeing America, Britain going in separate directions, a voice declaring, “America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces, 06/12/2004
     Seen to be seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so in the heavens, a play on, with a large meteor like rock in possession of the church bride, when upon its release a voice declares: “This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer,” the complete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of future emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands (Jesus Millennium Reign) falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015

     Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

And She Shall Be Called Bride    
    Only He who now let, will let until he be taken out of the way, and then shall that wicked be revealed, see II Thess. 2:7

      -Holy Spirits feel that perhaps if we understood the Bride’s place and position concerning the Godhead there wouldn’t be so much confusion about her period of Resurrection which hath come (I Thess. 4:16-18, I Cor. 15:51-58, Ephs. 5:27). Jesus’ Revelation has placed Her position right or in agreement of, as in the express care of the Holy Spirit Itself; that’s position Her at the Godhead, in the Throne of God for over two thousand years. So the inquiry here is just when was it or at what point doing the Dispensation of Grace did the Bride disappear from the earth and appeared at the Throne of God or vice versa, (see twenty-four elders, Rev. 4:4), fully worthy to take Her Divine Status having been washed and made white (Righteous) by the Blood of the Lamb Of God?
     -We must also be reminded the First Resurrection isn’t just about the Godhead keeping its promises but it’s about a celebration, evidently, about the ‘Marriage Supper of the Lamb’ and those now bidden having put on Glorified Bodies and now celebrate this beyond gladness as Heirs of the Throne.  This is why Jesus said unto them, "servants, the wedding is ready but they which were bidden were not worthy, go ye therefore into the highways and as many as ye shall find, “bid to the marriage,” Mat. 22:8-14. Who is man, that thou art mindful of Him? For HE is long suffering toward us-ward not willing that any perish. She is the first Righteous Bride to inherit the Throne of God, Heir to His Kingdom forever, thus the entirety of the Paradise of God astonishingly applaud this beyond Glorious Reintegration, the Spirit and Bride saith come., see Rev. 22:17
     -The Bride is then as far as the God head is concern, she is either second to Christ or third to the Holy Spirit, then unto the Prophetic/Minister Angel Gabriel, the Militant Archangel Michael, on to the insurmountable Heavenly Host. Of course once the marriage is glorified of the Father, she isn't second to Christ, now permanently in him, of him, they're one and the same. Henceforth, getting a better understanding of Her importance, not that the Heavenly Host would allow it. I mean if they held back the four winds of the entire planet unto the sealing of the 144,000 of the Tribe of Judah. Truly, to what lengths has God’s Throne Mastered to protect Her, this Royal Priesthood from the wiles of Satan’s Seat unto the Righteous Judgment of the Wine Press of Elohim?  
     -One would then think leaving her here doing Great Tribulation would be like leaving Jesus in the tomb unto the first resurrection. Heartbreakingly where the Specialty Saints are not rising to a Glorified Lord that has yet by His Spilled Blood interceded the Throne of God on its behalf for thousands of years, (see John testament of seeing the Lamb that looked as though it’d been slain, Rev. 5th Chpt.). Though have He in the defiance of it’s own prophecies been corrupted of soil, worms and infestation of the grave as even as themselves never having been the First Resurrection of the dead.      
     -Many scholars say the fourth chapter of Revelation, 1st verse, where Apostle John having been made to see the detriment Satan’s Seat has taken, having its throne in the church Jesus hath made.  That he now testifies of seeing a door open in heaven and a voice like a trumpet crying “come up here,” is a depiction of the Great Gathering of Saints. I, this end time Apostle/Prophet of fulfillment remember such a day, I’ve been testifying of it to my readers thirty years next spring. Although little is affirmed of what of this indescribable appearing of the Christ of Resurrection to me, this what? Months old believer. 
     -Ok, I’ll admit it, I yet had to realize the magnificent enormousness of Jesus with huge wings to each of his sides exclaiming to a newly converted, emptied vessel like myself, having again hours earlier abandon self and it's seeking. That's unto a faithfulness in God that has proven to this day to be beyond miraculous, ah yes, again I little understood how the wings would verify Him as the Christ of Resurrection. Though like the Prophet Malachi prophesied of Him, he had wings, ah, healing wings, clearly, those like the sunshine in all of its strength.
     -How even further, those in all likeness unto a gigantic crystal, diamond carved dove with an enormousness blocking out the entire heavens at appearing to Her, that's sweeping Her under and into His Wings, that there She would forever be. Wow, never combined those appearances as one, but now it makes sense, a few weeks ago I heard a voice say, “it’s under His Wings,” confused, I rose and wrote it down as to remember. Of course I thought about the Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the indescribable Chariot and Glory of God departing the earth, abandoning the temple, Ezekiel’s again description, 1st chapter, of the Cherubim, that he saw a man’s hand under their wings., see Ezek. 1:8
     -Anyway for days, months and years after that day, spring of 1986, I would by visions, dreams and Holy Spirits unto angelic intervention be given some clarity of what I’d experienced and seen. As I was taken that day and recognized he carrying me off was God Himself, (see Jesus, God manifested in the flesh, I Tim. 3:16), I was stripped of all joy, no gladness was left. This Supreme one toward long suffering for Him, wipe it all away by giving me a vision, I soon saw this church beyond anything of man.  One so gloriously like it’s Christ my heart could hardly withstand, I looked at this Ancient Of Days and said, be careful Lord, like your  begotten Son, these will as well, take your heart.                          
        -Though all my visitation here, on this planet, in this world of man. The prophet Ezekiel of resurrection got a warning,  he knew he was being sent to a people who wouldn’t listen, who would rather stone him like they’d done others before and be finished with him. Perhaps God by a mirror imagine of myself changing into clear evidence of God with His Throne, which He’d turn His Back to the apostate church was my warning.  Surely it’s the reason for which Jesus ministry stood upon His Stunning until this present second admission. That He alone is the way of God, the truth of God and life eternal with God, thus no man could come unto this Blessed Father except by His Spilled Blood, Kiss This Son, See Psalm 2th Chpt. Fighting words I know, this astronomical temple of  God,  that now through his shed blood all our problem are solved no more by corrupt doctrine tossed about of winds and wars. 
     -So comprehending the Bride’s important position, this member of the Godhead it would explain why Holy Spirits the first of this year Feb. 2015, that after showing me the Antichrist being mighty on the earth. Evenly just as soon they showed me the bride in heaven, that she was in possession of this stone cut out without hands, (see Dan. 2nd Chpt.), this stone that had the surface of a meteor. With concern, that once she released it to it’s descent, I then heard a voice cry out and I quote, “this is the Antichrist murderer.” I remember being curious about this word,  this description before I realized it was the plain, simple truth. Hence, the Antichrist like all rebellious in God’s sight are as those with swords of pleasures easily taking human life. A manslaughter so devastating is it’s blood guiltiness the Great Whore of religion is pictured pleasuring herself with cups of the spilled Martyred Saints.
     -Having deemed her not just servant or heir, but BRIDE, This Husband in waiting has promised that He Himself will unto this divine damsel in distress, arrive. That even as I write persecution toward Christians has gone more viral world wide than it has ever in the recent past. That even as the Holy Spirit were reassuring me, us, "Jesus was on his way," for me, having thirty years of these specific promises, it mean He and all Those allying Him are in flight to us.  Faithfully, that just as this unthinkable reassurance chimed in those 21 Egyptian Christian Males were being lead onto a shore. Dressed in orange jumpers they all were and soon beheaded for their Christian testimony. 
     -Henceforth, Mankind having become my workmanship in Christ Jesus, I would spend the next thirty years doing what I’m presently doing with every stroke of these keys, that with my testimony I’ll too set the captive free, but who shall believe my report? I’m just a no body, in the service of God, reminding them constantly what Christ’s  Bloody Cross is for. Honestly, do I want to be having this conversation with you? No, as an Apostle of Jesus, member of the Church Bride and thus Heir to the Godhead, I want to share with you what Holy Spirits have been showing me not just the last thirty years but my whole life. That's have you believe every word and be blessed as surely as I am, having nothing to dread. Beware! For they say, “the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Eze. 8:12, that you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM  


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